Skye De La Rosa Originals

As the sole proprietor of A2W by Skye De La Rosa and the proud owner of Art 2 Wear LLC, I channel my passion for art and apparel into each collection, ensuring that every piece bears the mark of my dedication to sustainable fashion and creativity. By up-cycling clothing with paint, needle and thread I strive to push the boundaries of conventional design with each unique look.

Since childhood, I have been enamored with the art of painting and embellishing ready-to-wear clothing and fashion accouterments. It has always been my preferred avenue of self-expression, allowing me to infuse garments with my personal touch and my passions: art, fashion and sustainability.

With a background in the mass market costume and fashion industry, I have spent years collaborating with factories and jobbers in China, assisting in the transition of designs from domestic to overseas production. However, this experience has led me to adopt a different approach – a sustainable fashion philosophy that revolves around "re-made in America."