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Mercy Vavra

The Graveyard Shift - Leather Alfani Jacket - Size SM - Hand Painted by Mercy Vavra

The Graveyard Shift - Leather Alfani Jacket - Size SM - Hand Painted by Mercy Vavra

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This leather vintage Alfani jacket features the hand painted art of Mercy Vavra depicting an angel with spread wings, it's head tilted to the sky. The image could be assumed to represent a soul ascending to heaven, but the ghostly design on a distressed black jacket is more reminiscent of the un-dead and the morbid history of the phrase “graveyard shift.”

The Graveyard Shift jacket is for the proper night owl who likes to sleep all day and creep all night.  The jacket was inspired by a headstone Mercy spotted during a graveyard horror photo shoot. It was created during a period when they were exploring erotic horror, pulling inspiration from classic pinup illustrations, tattoo art, and alternative fashion.

Up-cycled in "broken in" condition, the leather has a worn and aged appearance - the perfect canvas for this mesmerizing art piece.

  • Size small
  • One-of-a-kind
  • Hand painted in NY
  • Up-cycled leather Alfani jacket

*Photo credit: Mercy Vavra

*Model credit: Arden Pochna

About the Artist:

Seeing the world through a queer, sex-positive lens, Mercy uses art to embrace the beauty and complexity of queerness and identity. They hope to inspire people to embrace and explore sexuality through art. They question where fantasies stem from and how using them can strengthen the sense of self, as well as bonds between people. Many of their works consist of self-portraits; they attempt to show all sides of themself as an artist and person, believing that vulnerability brings them closer to the viewer.

Mercy Vavra's art can be found online at:


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