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Nicholas Howlett

Stoned - Wenge and Maple Wood Ring - by Nicholas Howlett

Stoned - Wenge and Maple Wood Ring - by Nicholas Howlett

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The rich chocolate diagonal lines of African Wenge beautifully separates the contrasting wavy blonde grain of Sugar Maple from the stone illusion of the Stabilized Spalted Ambrosia Maple. Maple trees hold the promise of wisdom, balance, love, longevity and money. Maples known for their syrup, which represents success and abundance, most likely because the Native Americans used it in trade.

Maple trees are also believed to repel evil spirits. The Wenge tree, indigenous to Tropical West Africa, is very durable and known for its strength. The blossoms on the tree are heart shaped. Wenge has the ability to give off a very relaxed energy, encouraging slow and even thoughts. It can be a perfect tool for meditation, especially for those who have trouble calming their minds. It is also a healing wood, useful for a variety of physical as well and emotional healing applications. Worn as a pendant, this wood could create a more even mood and centered thought. It has the ability to calm the temper and encourage learning.

Size 8.5

* Ring can be increased by up to 2 sizes.
* Each ring is made by the artist's hand using the finest selected materials acquired from reputable ecologically responsible sources.
* One-of-a-kind. If item is sold out please allow 2-3 weeks for custom orders.

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