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Nicholas Howlett

Protection - Segmented Bangle Bracelet by Nicholas Howlett

Protection - Segmented Bangle Bracelet by Nicholas Howlett

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This gorgeous bracelet is segmented with 4 different types of exotic wood.  Red Gum Eucalyptus and Old Growth Gaboon Ebony are nestled between rounds of Honduran Quilted Mahogany and Japanese Plum Wood. 

The deep reddish brown of the Honduran Quilted Mahogany will no doubt catch your eye, but when the sun hits the touches of golden color in it's figure you will be mesmerized. What woodworkers refer to as "the tree", it is the most valuable wood in the world.  This is due its rich color, patterns, unusual denseness and extreme rarity. 

The lighter of the interior segment is Red Gum Eucalyptus.  The leaves and bark of this tree are used for their spiritual properties in cleansing and smudging rituals as they are believed to purify and cleanse toxic energies. They are also used in sachets and charm bags to maintain good health and protection.

The deep dark chocolate segment is old growth Gaboon Ebony. Ebony is a symbol of power, purity, balance, protection and luck. It is believed this wood amplifies magnetic energy. It's revered as the most powerful and protective of all wood types.

The outer layer with agate shaped figure is Japanese Plum Wood.  Japanese Plum Wood is excellent for all aspects of healing, and is also a good protector as it helps to disperse negative energy. The spirit of plum speaks to the value of patience and the importance of remaining calm during challenging times.

    • Size MD - 7.75" circumference
    • Made by the artist's hand in the USA
    • Created using the finest selected materials acquired from reputable ecologically responsible sources
    • One-of-a-kind
    * This bracelet is a size medium, but can be increased if you order a size large.  Please email for specific sizing requests.
    * 25" Thick - unless enlarged
    * If item is sold out please allow 2-3 weeks for custom orders.
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