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Temporarily Not Famous

Golden Ratio T-Shirt by Temporarily Not Famous

Golden Ratio T-Shirt by Temporarily Not Famous

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    “In this series, I want to convey that beauty standards are ever evolving, and that people have been changing their appearances based upon the societal pressures of what is considered "ideally beautiful" for centuries. I am taking beauty standards and trends throughout history and creating asymmetrical, odd-looking subjects that look like, what I believe will be the way we’ll express ourselves in the future.“

    ~ Brittany Minnes Praver (Temporarily Not Famous)

    • Original artwork by Brittany Minnes Praver
    • Heat pressed by the artists’ hand in the USA
    • Black crew neck t-shirt
    • 100% Cotton

    * Model is wearing a unisex size medium
    * Limited inventory. If item is sold out please allow 2-3 weeks for new order to be made and shipped.
    * Cold wash inside out, air-dry

    About the Artist:

    Temporarily Not Famous artist Brittany Minnes Praver takes her love for fashion, color and design to create quirky and whimsical acrylic paintings which she applies to new or gently used clothing and accessories.

         Brittany Minnes Praver is the artist behind the brand Temporarily Not Famous.  The subjects of her paintings are otherworldly and odd looking, what she describes as deconstructed beauty, creating faces that look collage-esque, combining different styles and elements like enlarged lips and asymmetrical features. She’s fascinated by the standards of beauty women strives to attain throughout all different periods of history and you will find that there are subtle nods to different cultures and eras within her works.

         Because of her love for fashion, especially more out-of-the box type designers like Alexander McQueen and Mason Margiela, she always creates her art with the idea that it could be wearable, and her compositions hold a design element to them. Her abstract ‘custom textile designs’ like her line art faces and geometric patterns, show up over and over again in her paintings. These unique designs symbolize different ideas and have deep meanings behind them.

          Her range of skill is vast and one of her specialties is painting on clothing and leather. She incorporates her custom designs and expressionist figures on her painted clothes and handbags as well, and her unique style makes for very edgy wearable art. Her keen eye and love for fashion has lead her to collaborate with luxury brands as well as stylists and photographers in NYC and LA.




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