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Jon Stuart Anderson

Elephant Necklace by Jon Stuart Anderson

Elephant Necklace by Jon Stuart Anderson

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This necklace is an easy conversation piece since there will always be “an elephant in the room”.  Made by hand with Fimo polymer clay, this intricate highly detailed piece of art exudes the spirit of the elephant symbolizing strength, memory, remembrance, and a gentle soul.   

  • Adjustable cord necklace
  • Hand-carved bovine bone
  • Sterling silver
  • Size: 4 x 5.5 x 2 cm - 1.6 x 2.2 x 0.8 in

*Made by hand with Fimo polymer clay, as are all Jon Stuart Anderson’s animal creations.
*One-of-a-kind; product may vary slightly from photo

About the Artist:

Jon Stuart Anderson has worked with polymer clay for 27 years. Regarded as a master polymer artist, fellow clay artists marvel at his ability to construct the magnificent complex 3-D canes, which emblazon his animal sculptures, bowls, jewelry, and guitars.

In his early years, Jon's life was filled with travel, adventures and psychedelic influences, all while studying art. Other influences were the underground comix movement and the graphic and psychedelic illustrations of Rick Griffin whose inspiration is still visible in some of Jon's caning. It was some of Rick Griffin's old pen and ink work which formed Jon's idea of bringing back images from hallucinatory experiences.

Today Jon Stuart Anderson lives in Bali, surrounding himself with a variety of animals, including his pigs, Francine and Lincoln.  He takes pride in his garden of medicinal herbs and vegetables. He relishes the smells and textures he finds in the nature of Bali. Although Jon was educated in art, he received his master in Botany from Texas A&M. Now he lives where both these interests are pursued in harmony.

* This bio was taken in parts from an article by Ron Lehocky, titled: The Wild & Colorful World of Jon Anderson (Originally Published in Polymer Arts Magazine by Sage Bray Varon 2017)

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