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Mercy Vavra

Brown Recluse - Zenith Italiana Jacket - Size 40 -Hand Painted by Mercy Vavra

Brown Recluse - Zenith Italiana Jacket - Size 40 -Hand Painted by Mercy Vavra

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The Brown Recluse Spider gets its name from its color and its shy nature. Most spiders go out of their way to avoid humans but these nocturnal creatures build webs that serve as trigger systems, alerting them when prey is passing by so they can actively hunt it down and strike with their venomous bite.

This vintage leather jacket got its name from the Brown Recluse Spider. Upon first glance one might assume the wearer to be understated, even muted with the earthy tones of the lambskin leather. But once their back is turned you will know you are dealing with a grade A #1 fashion badass.

As dawn nears, the Brown Recluse finds dark places to hide, but once established within a web, they are difficult to control. They may not be easily noticed because of their reclusive and nocturnal habits, but if you see one spider, chances are there are more nearby.

While this hand-painted masterpiece created by artist Mercy Vavra was inspired by the Brown Recluse spider, there is one and only one like it, and this jacket will never be replicated. The artist chose leather paint in neutral tones which perfectly compliment and almost match the buttery Italian leather. Yet the imagery created by Vavra is a juxtaposition to the minimalistic style, as it is an exploration in erotic horror, inspired by classic pinup illustrations, tattoo art, and alternative fashion.
  • One-of-a-kind
  • Vintage Zenith Italiana Jacket made in Italy
  • Gently up-cycled in excellent condition
  • Hand painted by the artist in the USA
  • Size 40 - SM- or US size 6

About the Artist:

Seeing the world through a queer, sex-positive lens, Mercy uses art to embrace the beauty and complexity of queerness and identity. They hope to inspire people to embrace and explore sexuality through art. They question where fantasies stem from and how using them can strengthen the sense of self, as well as bonds between people. Many of their works consist of self-portraits; they attempt to show all sides of themself as an artist and person, believing that vulnerability brings them closer to the viewer.

Mercy Vavra's art can be found online at:

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